+ Are you guys really friends?

Does the Pope like big hats? Yes, we are very close friends and hang out as much as we can. In fact, all the elders at Redeemer Fellowship have become good friends and really enjoy spending time together.

+ Is the banter and bickering real?

It’s real. And, real annoying. If you hang with the JoFo you’ll experience it for yourself.

+ What do you record with?

Here’s a post that explains our current set up with links to the gear we use.

+ When do you guys record?

Usually on a Wednesday evening or a Saturday morning after we are done with church responsibilities.

+ How do you find time to do Doctrine and Devotion?

We’ve streamlined the entire process to only require 6-10 hours a week from each of us. Jimmy handles podcast editing, social media, and the business end of Doctrine and Devotion. Joe handles the website, show notes, and Libsyn management. Plus, we don’t do this alone. Dirté processes all orders for the store and answers all questions concerning purchases. Tony Doppke handles all article submission and editing, and Krista McDunn handles our annual conference organization. We also get help from Pastor Brian Malcolm, who designed the new website, and Steve McCoy, who is a professional content strategist.

+ Why did Jimmy’s elder candidacy take so long?

Redeemer Fellowship’s elder candidacy is intense, and takes at least 1 year. It takes most of our candidates longer than that to complete the requirements. Jimmy finished in early 2018.

+ Why do you guys drink bourbon and smoke cigars?

Honestly, because we like these things and receive them as gifts from God. Be sure to listen to Episode 4: “All The Bad Things” and watch this episode of Pastors in Cars Smoking Cigars.

+ What are your bourbon and cigar recommendations?

Jimmy favors Jefferson’s and Elijah Craig bourbons and My Father Las Antillos and Nica Rustica cigars. Joe’s go-to cigar these days is the AJ Fernandez New World, and prefers Bulleit and Grass Widow Bourbons.

+ You guys geek out on pencils and journaling. What do you use?

We both prefer the Leuchtturm1917 dotted journal and love Blackwing pencils like the 602 and the Pearl. Listen to this episode on journaling for more of our perspective.

+ Can I be on your podcast?

Honestly, probably not. We don’t do call-in interviews, so that limits who winds up on the pod with us. Plus, we only sit down with people we know and/or really resonate with.

+ Will you be on my podcast?

Maybe. It all depends on Joe or Jimmy’s availability. To request the guys for an interview or appearance on your podcast send an email to info@doctrineanddevotion.com

+ Will you speak at our conference?

Maybe. It depends on our availability. Jimmy and Joe only speak at a small number of conferences each year to stay focused on their local church and family. Speaking requests can be filled out here.

+ Can we send you guys money?

Believe it or not we get asked this a lot. The answer is no. We do not ask for donations (we are not a 501c3), nor do we have a Patreon page.

+ How can I support the podcast?

You can shop at our online store, shop at Amazon for anything you like using our affiliate link, and spread the word about Doctrine and Devotion online.