All The Bad Things - Episode 04

In this episode Jimmy and Joe sit down to talk about all the "bad things" they do. Or, at least three things that are frequently considered to be bad by some modern Christians: alcohol, cigars, and tattoos.

This was prompted by an article written by Dr. Paige Patterson, President of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary called, "Concerning Alcoholic Beverages". It expresses the view of not a few Christians, and we were eager to talk about it, the condemnation of cigars, and the taboo tattoos that some of us have literally gone through the pain of obtaining. Let's admit right here before you jump in: Jimmy is really annoyed. Bonus: Joe is harrassed by a spider during while recording.

For further reading be sure to check out Joe's multi-part blog posts: Cigars, The Christian, and the Glory of God, and Tattoos and the Bible.

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Joe Thorn