Gospel and Kingdom Pt. 3


The guys are back talking through Graeme Goldsworthy's Gospel and Kingdom, this time hitting Chapter 4, "Biblical Theology and the History of Redemption." What is the interplay between systematic theology and biblical theology? What is progressive revelation? How do we seek to demonstrate the relevance of the Old Testament to the Christian life today? How does exegesis, hermeneutics, homiletics help us in understanding and applying the Scripture? Plus, The TSA is after Jimmy, and Joe owes Jimmy cigars.

If you are joining in now, be sure to pick up The Goldsworthy TrilogyYou'll get three of Goldsworthy's works, including Gospel and Kingdom. The page numbers will line up exactly with the single volume we are using as well. If you're tracking with us share it on social media with the hashtag #learnwithjofo.

Joe owes Jimmy two Liga Privada No. 9s.

Joe owes Jimmy two Liga Privada No. 9s.