D&D Mailbag: Episode 07

You guys sent in so much mail we can't get to it all. We hit as many as we could without going too long and we will be working in a little mailbag into every episode. We talk about the second commandment, reading books, being baptist, Jimmy's productivity tips for the iPad Pro, confessionalism, pencils, and more.

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The Ten Commandments, Thomas Watson. This is one of our favorite treatments on the "Big Ten." Watson argues that the second commandment prohibits any depiction of Jesus. We hold a different perspective, but Watson is smarter than us.

iPad Pro, 12.9"

Recovering a Covenantal Heritage: Essays in Baptist Covenant Theology, Various Authors
The Distinctiveness of Baptist Covenant Theology, Pascal Denault
1689 Baptist Confession

Blackwing Pearl Pencils (Joe's favorite Blackwing)
Blackwing 602 Pencils (Jimmy's favorite Blackwing)
Popov Leather Field Notes Wallets
Field Notes Pitch Black Edition, 3-Pack Dot-Grid


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Joe Thorn