Tom Ascol and The SJ&G


We got a bonus episode for you all this Sunday! The guys invited Pastor Tom Ascol to come on the podcast to discuss his perspective on the Statement on Social Justice and The Gospel as one of the men behind the controversial statement. What was Tom’s motive and hope for helping to publish this statement? What was the rationale behind asking people to sign the statement? What is something Tom would like opponents of the statement to know about him? In light of how this is playing out so far, if he could go back, would he make any changes or do anything differently regarding the statement?

We didn’t bring our brother on the show to pick a fight, but to gain clarity and insight over something we disagree on. Stay tuned, we will offer another interview with someone who is opposed to the statement. For our take on the Social Justice and The Gospel Statement listen to an earlier bonus episode that dropped on Sept. 7, 2018.

For more from Tom be sure to visit and check out his book, “Traditional” Theology & the SBC.