The Good Calvinist


Joe and Jimmy post up on the back porch to finish up the five part series on the different kinds of Calvinists. Today, the "good Calvinist." What should be true of Calvinists? Is this is any way different from non-Calvinists? The guys lay out 7 things that Calvinism should produce in every Calvinist. Plus, Jimmy loses an episode, and Joe's wearing "patriarchal power shirt".

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The Reformed Doctrine of Predestination by Loraine Boettner
Spurgeon vs. Hyper Calvinism by Iain Murray
The Joy of Calvinism by Greg Forster
The Practical Implications of Calvinism by Al Martin (free PDF)
More Practical Implications of Calvinism by Tom Hicks (free article)
What is Reformed Theology by RC Sproul
The Imperfect Disciple by Jared Wilson

Joe Thorn