Does God Hear the Prayers of Unbelievers?

Joe and Jimmy sit down to have a casual, but biblical, chat about whether or not God answers the prayers of unbelievers. He certainly "hears" every prayer, but who has the ear of God? And what would it mean if God did answer the prayer of the unregenerate? And what about those passages that seem to say God doesn't always hear the prayers of his own people? Plus, Jimmy breaks the news to Joe: Redeemer is not a megachurch.

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Basil Manly Sr., a 19th century Southern Baptist theologian, professor, and preacher, wrote out a prayer for his 5 year old son to pray who was showing keen interest in the gospel.

O Almightly God, who art a Spirit, grant me thy Holy Spirit that I may worship thee in Spirit and in truth.

Forgive all my sins through the merits of Thy dear Son, Jesus Christ, who is my only Saviour. For his sake, grant me a new heart, make me Thy child, and keep me from all evil:

And do thou so guide my mind and ways, that I may serve and please thee all the days of my life.–
Have mercy, O Lord, on my Father, my Mother, and all my dear relations — my teachers, and all my friends:

Keep them in life, in health, and in thy fear continually;

And when our mortal lives are ended, May we all meet in thy Kingdom above, to love and praise thee forever.

These blessings with all other good things which thou seest I need, I humbly ask for the sake of Jesus Christ, who is worthy, with the Father and the Holy Spirit, to receive all the praise and glory, both now and forever.


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Prayer by John Bunyan


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