The 1689 on Repentance (Part 1)


Joe and Jimmy jump into the doctrine of repentance from the 1689 Confession Chapter 15. But the guys jump straight to paragraph 3 in order to first explore the nature of repentance. Is repentance a duty or a gift? what is a proper and full definition of repentance? And what’s the difference between “legal” and “evangelical” repentance? Want to dig deep? Check out Thomas Watson’s Doctrine of Repentance.

The 2019 Doctrine and Devotion Conference on Biblical Theology


The third annual Doctrine and Devotion Conference is going down on May, 3 and 4th in Geneva, IL west of the city of Chicago. The theme for this year's conference is Biblical Theology: The Revelation of God’s Person, Plan, and Purpose. Dr. James Hamilton, Doug Logan, Joe Thorn, and Jimmy Fowler will preach on Biblical Theology and its place in the life of the Christian and the local church. Breakout sessions led by Phil and Jasmine Holmes, Steve McCoy, Nick Batzig, and Jen Thorn, will unpack issues of marriage, parenting, preaching, and suffering.

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Joe Thorn