The D&D Care Package!


We are pumped to hold our first "giveaway" at Doctrine and Devotion! And look, we aren't throwing you freebies that we have lying around. We, and two of our favorite sponsors, have chosen to offer you three great gifts simply because you're down with what we're doing.

The winner of this giveaway is getting a Doctrine and Devotion care package made up of:

1) A leather-bound copy of The 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith and Baptist Catechism. Yep. This one. The best edition available. 

2) A $25 gift certificate from Righteous Wretch Apparel. You want their classic, "The Spurge?" Maybe you want the defeated reaper on their "Death Has No String" tee. You get to pick what you want with this gift card.

3) The 1689 Beard Shield Ring. That's right. Scott, from 1689 Beard, had these made for long time supporters of his company. I wear mine every day. Now, you can get one of your own! Seriously. This is cool. Here are some photos with details. Click the image to see them all.



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That's it! One step! We aren't asking you to link back through Facebook, send out a scripted tweet, or sign up three friends, or make a vow of loyalty to the podcast that binds your soul to us forever. Just sign up. That's it.

We will choose a winner from our email directory. If you have already signed up - you are already entered to win! If you are not signed up, you have until Monday, July 11th at 10PM CST to do so. Yep, that's the day our very first podcast drops. The winner of this giveaway will be chosen Monday evening after 10 PM CST and announced on Tuesday.


This is only available to people residing in the United States. We know—it's lame.

Thanks again for your encouragement. We hope to do more giveaways in the future.