Changes, Previews, and a Winner



Finally! Our podcast has been approved by iTunes and is available here. We apologize for the delay on that. Thanks to everyone who listened to Episode 01: Backsliding. All subsequent episodes will sound much better now that we're using quality equipment and the expertise of Justin Bond.

It's not just the sound that's changing. Because of the great response we had to our first episode, we will be releasing two episodes a week! You can expect fresh pod every Monday and Thursday, starting now!


To show you how we upped our sound game, here's a little taste of Episode 02: Can Baptists Be Reformed? releasing this Thursday. In this clip you will educated by the re-imagining of church history by Dr. Fofo.


That's right. We have a winner for our Doctrine and Devotion care Package Give Away! With almost 700 entries it took Jimmy a long time to write all the names down on little pieces of paper and put them in a giant fishbowl from which we drew the name... JASON DAVIS! Congrats, bro. We looked you up after drawing your name and... you're sporting a righteous beard! It wasn't a requirement, but the beard is obviously magnetic to all kinds of winning.

Alright, friends. Don't forget, our next episode will drop in two more days, Thursday the 14th.